Question: Is Maple capable of dealing with expression with implied constraints

Is there any some kind of environment variable(or command,package, anything...) that I can play with to tell maple consider all the constrants implied by the given expression


For Example, I want to simplify the following equation(this equation's final form is "0=0" if you take the implied constraints into account.)

 "(4*a^3*b)^(1/2)/(-(a/(4*b))^(1/2))+(4*a^3*b*(4*b/a))^(1/2) = 0" 

in real domain and this equation implies that variable a and b are both negative or positive because of the sqrt operation. And neither a nor b should be zero because they are part of a fraction's denominator.

but if i simply tell maple to simplify this equation, all the constrants will be ignored by maple, even if i use RealDomain package.

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