Question: Problem with dsolve/numeric/compile and Grid

What is the correct mode of using dsolve/numeric/compile with Grid package?

I've tried a lot of different, but only one turned out to be working is by using Grid:-Seq(dsolve..., i=1).

For example:


dsol := Grid:-Seq(dsolve(dsys, numeric, parameters = [bb, qq, prf0, `pθf0`], compile = true, optimize = true, output = listprocedure, maxfun = 0), i = 1):

dsol3 := proc (tt) try dsol[3](tt) catch "cannot evaluate the solution further": tt = 0. end try end proc:

st := time[real]():

A := Array([Grid:-Seq([seq(op(2, [dsol[1](parameters = [b[i, j], q[i, j], pr[i, j], `pθ`[i, j]]), rhs(dsol3(-10^6))]), j = 1 .. sz[2])], i = 1 .. sz[1])]);


But this mode not stable and causing to this error very often:

Error, (in dsolve/numeric/SC/preproc) unable to post-link (rc=31), please try again, and if that fails check that your Windows SDK installation is up to date, and compatible with your Windows compiler

How I can fix this problem?

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