Question: How to use maple from emacs and then how does it work?

Hello those who are in this maple primes.

I downloaded maple2015 for Mac, the newest version of the software, and tried to use it to draw a simple figure with plot3d.

But, in the end, I used gnuplot which I had happened to install though it was my first time of using it.

The problem of using my Maple was that it was too heavy and with my macbook, I found it impossible

to have it work properly. So, I am writing my question now.


I used terminal, but as I think it  might be easy to deal with to use editor not terminal itself

though I use the editor from the terminal, I want to know how I can use maple from the editor and what things I 

can do when I do so. In my image, I want to use it like using TeX from the editor.

As for coloring the code, is the best tool one for Maple V yet? And, how can I do after I wrote the code of Maple?

What can I do with emacs and Maple? Can I use emacs like IDE of TeXshop or TeXworks in LateX?


I am glad to hear from you the general concept or procedures of using it if I use emacs and Maple.


Thanks in advance.

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