Question: Nonzero solution of a system of ODEs

Try to consider the following system of differential equations:

sys := diff(U(ksi), ksi) = (y(ksi)-(1.5*(1+0.01*ksi))*U(ksi)/ksi)/(1.5+0.015*ksi+0.002*ksi^2),
diff(y(ksi), ksi) = U(ksi)*(0.002+(1.5*(1+0.01*ksi))*(0.002*ksi^2)/(ksi^2*(1.5+0.015*ksi+0.002*ksi^2))-19.3^2)-y(ksi)*(0.002*ksi^2)/(ksi*(1.5+0.015*ksi+0.002*ksi^2))

with the boundary conditions: cond:= y(0.8) = 0, y(1) = 0

And Maple gives me zero solution for this system , i mean U(from 0.8  to 1) = 0 and y(from 0.8 to 1) = 0

How can i get some other solutions?

P.S. i need numerical solution => dsolve( [sys,cond],type= numeric)

Please, i need some help.

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