Question: Using linear differential operator

Dear Friends,

I am having trouble in defining a linear differential operator. This is how Maple defines a linear differential operator

"A differential operator L in C(x)[Dx] is an expression a_0*Dx^0+ ... +a_n*Dx^n where a_0, ... , a_n are elements of C(x). So it is a polynomial in Dx with rational functions as coefficients."

Here's the link

where Dx^n implies n-th derivative with respect to x.

Now I want to know how can I apply this operator to a given function. Here is a failed example:

>L :=Dx^2+Dx;
Dx^2 + Dx
Dx(x)^2 + Dx(x)

I was expecting to get 1 if the given opertor is applied to x. I would really appreciate if someone can help me with this. 

Many thanks.


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