Question: Evaluating target function at list

So I am using the with(Student[MultivariateCalculus]); package to find the maximum and minimum of the fumction xyz to the given constraint: LagrangeMultipliers(x*y*z, [x^2+4*y^2+4*z^2-4], [x, y, z]) and I got 14 points. But to find the global maximum/minimum I need to evaluate all these points in the main function xyz. I tried converting it to a list and doing something and checked out this thread but it's only for single variable stuff so I am not sure how to extrappolate it to my case.

These were my points by the way, Yeah lots.

[0, 0, 1], [0, 0, -1], [0, 1, 0], [0, -1, 0], [2, 0, 0], [-2, 0, 0], [(2/3)*sqrt(3), (1/3)*sqrt(3), (1/3)*sqrt(3)], [-(2/3)*sqrt(3), -(1/3)*sqrt(3), -(1/3)*sqrt(3)], [(2/3)*sqrt(3), (1/3)*sqrt(3), -(1/3)*sqrt(3)], [-(2/3)*sqrt(3), -(1/3)*sqrt(3), (1/3)*sqrt(3)], [(2/3)*sqrt(3), -(1/3)*sqrt(3), (1/3)*sqrt(3)], [-(2/3)*sqrt(3), (1/3)*sqrt(3), -(1/3)*sqrt(3)], [(2/3)*sqrt(3), -(1/3)*sqrt(3), -(1/3)*sqrt(3)], [-(2/3)*sqrt(3), (1/3)*sqrt(3), (1/3)*sqrt(3)]

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