Question: Error in input of dsolve

i've got a list of 6 ODEs with 6 initial conditions:

MH,MS,M,a,G,e,afb are just constants

Eqns2 := diff(xH(t), t) = vxH(t),
            diff(vxH(t), t) = -G*M*xH(t)/(xH(t)^2+yH(t)^2)^(3/2),
            diff(yH(t), t) = vyH(t),
            diff(vyH(t), t) = -G*M*yH(t)/(xH(t)^2+yH(t)^2)^(3/2),

            diff(theta(t), t) = omega(t),

            diff(omega(t), t) = -G*MS*afb^2*(xH(t)*sin(theta(t))-yH(t)*cos(theta(t))*            (xH(t)*cos(theta(t))+yH(t)*sin(theta(t)))/(xH(t)^2+yH(t)^2)^(5/2):

ICs2 := xH(0) = a*(1+e), vxH(0) = 0, vyH(0) = sqrt(G*M*(1-e)/(a*(1+e))), yH(0) = 0, 0 < theta(0), theta(0) <= Pi,        omega(0) = 10*Pi/T_H:

soln2 := dsolve({Eqns2, ICs2}, {omega(t), theta(t), vxH(t), vyH(t), xH(t), yH(t)}, numeric)

But it doesn't solve it , but instead displays this error message:

Error, (in dsolve/numeric/process_input) system must be entered as a set/list of expressions/equations

Can someone find a syntax error or a typo that would explain this?

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