Question: Simplification question

I have a polynomial expression that I would like to cast into a specific form. The expression is

and I know that it can be simplified into a form involving squares of (A[Qi]-Pi). It is trivial to do this on paper; how can I convince Maple to do this.

The solution I came up with was to use mtaylor and expand about the forms I know to be there:


which is what I want (close to, anyway). Now, I consider this to be a bit of a dirty trick that works here as the expression is simple and no higher-order terms are present so in fact the solution is exact. But, are there methods along simplify and friends that can do this? I have not been successfull with those...

This is a part of a much longer worksheet and part of a lecture, so I need Maple to be able to do this. The mtaylor trick works, but I would not want to miss an obvious approach that may work where mtaylor would get confused.



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