Question: Visible circle, also below 3D graph?


Hi all,

How can the black circle be visible?

Visible also below the 3D graph?

Best, perr7


B := spacecurve( [R*cos(t),R*sin(t),0] ,t=0..4*Pi,thickness=1, style=line, color=black);

animate( plot3d, [     P_Pi2(x,y,t)  ,  x=-4000..4000,y=-4000..4000 ], t=0..1, frames=10, transparency=0, style=surfacewireframe, labelfont=[times, roman, 25], orientation=[45,60,0], view=[-4000..4000, -4000..4000, 0..0.006], caption=typeset( theta=Pi/2 ) , axesfont=[times, 15], axes=frame, background=B   );


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