Question: Error, too many levels of recursion


I try his code:


for i to 6 do u[i, j] := (u[i-1, j]+u[i+1, j]+lambda*(u[i, j-1]+u[i, j+1])+sigma(h, r[i+1])*(u[i+1, j]-u[i-1, j]))/mu end do;

Error, too many levels of recursion.

I want to the  results of the analytic equations, for example:

 u[1,j]= (u[0, j] + u[2, j] + lambda (u[1, j - 1] + u[1, j + 1])                                                       

      + sigma(h, r[2]) (u[2, j] - u[0, j]))/mu





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