Question: How to copy execution group?

Using worksheet, in 2015. I have an execution group, such as


>... another execution group


And want to copy all the code from the first group, using the mouse. Is there another way, other than having to move the mouse by hand and select all the code in order to copy it?  In Mathematica, I can right-click on the cell edge, and select copy. This copies the cell to the buffer, then one can paste the code somewhere else. In Maple, I could not duplicate this behaviour which is annoying when one wants to copy large amount of code.

I found that if I put the code in a "code edit region", ie., do insert->code edit region, then right-click inside the small window of the code edit region, the copy is enabled, so I can copy the whole region without manually select it first.

But this does not work outside the code edit region.

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