Question: Problem with RealDomain:-solve

I want to solve the equation

sqrt(x)+sqrt(-x^2+1) = sqrt(-4*x^2-3*x+2)

in Real domain. I tried

RealDomain:-solve(sqrt(x)+sqrt(-x^2+1) = sqrt(-4*x^2-3*x+2), x);

and I got -5/9+(1/9)*sqrt(34).

But, with Mathematica, I posted my question at

Mathematica had two solutions 

x ==-1-Sqrt[2]|| x ==1/9(-5+Sqrt[34])

If I understand correctly, when Maple solve in RealDomain of this equation, the solution of equation must satisfy conditions x>=0 and -x^2+1 >=0 and -4*x^2-3*x+2 >=0. Therefore, the number

x ==-1-Sqrt[2] 

is not a solution. My question is the given equation has one solution (Maple) or two solutions (Mathematica)?

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