Question: Problem with Numeric Differentiation

Hi Guys, 

I'm trying to find stationary points of a numeric function. Any help would be appreciated. 

Assume I have a numeric function g(x). I'm attempting the following:

deriv:=(x)->fdiff(g(t),t=x); (I can't use the D operator as it doesn't like g(x))

Now deriv(x) <- Can be computed and computes the value quickly and easily. However plot and other functions require algebraic functions. I can plot this (with difficulty) via the following

plot(deriv,-10..10) <- This avoids converting to algebraic function and runs as a procedure. 

I can't use convert(deriv,algebraic) as it fails. 

I want to use the Student[NumericalAnalysis]Roots command, but it requires an algebraic function and I can't use the procedure trick which I did in the plot command. 

Does anyone know a better way of doing this? or is there a way I can write the numerical differivative as an algebraic function. (I've tried fsolve <- But this guy doesn't give me the correct answers generally). 

Thanks guys. 




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