Question: Solution of trigonometric equation


I would like to solve this equation :

tan(gamma0(t)) = tan(gamma[1](t)-theta[1](t)-psi[1](t)

I would like to select the solution of arctan by assuming the domain of variation of some variables. In my case, if -Pi/2 < gamma[1](t) - theta[1](t) - psi[1](t) < Pi/2, the arctan gives only one solution.

Can you help me to solve this equation ? 

eq:=tan(gamma0(t)) = tan(gamma[1](t)-theta[1](t)-psi[1](t))
solve(eq,gamma0(t)) assuming -Pi/2 < gamma[1](t) - theta[1](t) - psi[1](t) < Pi/2

I guess that I don't use properly the "assume" function.

The result that I would like to obain is quiet simple :

gamma0(t)) = gamma[1](t)-theta[1](t)-psi[1](t)

Thanks a lot for your help


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