Question: Certain issues in Physics

I thought I'd try the latest version of the physics package. I am trying to look at a "simple" function with quantum operators, Taylor expand it, and write terms in normal order (i.e. Dagger(a) terms before a, and Dagger(b) before b), but am having no luck at all. Not sure if this is possible with the current version.

I am also having a couple of weird "interface issues" after loading the package:
1) See the printout from Setup() command - here Dagger(a) and Dagger(b) is sometimes displayed with a bar above the names, but other times (i.e. during other runs) with daggers.
2) Maple gets "stuck" on one of the lines - meaning I press enter, but it does not jump to the next execution block.

Both of these issues are outlined with "NOTE" in the worksheet.

Ultimately, the interface issues are of no concern to me, but I am pretty curious if the current version of the physics package can do what I need?






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