Question: unevaluated expression

It's funny how Maple automatically evaluates an expression, it can be frustrating at times, but suppose the user wants it entered the way he types.


                   - sin ( 4 + Phi)  #automatically evaluates the negative outside


                   - sin (-x -y -z + Phi)


Even though both expressions are the same it seems Maple prefers -sin to +sin, in the second example above Maple has now 3 extra negatives. 

Is all we need just a double set of single quotes around our expression so that when we recall that variable it returns exactly how we entered it in?

b:= ''sin(x+y+z-Phi)''

           b:= ' sin(x+y+z-Phi) '



      sin( x + y + z - Phi)


Would that work?  Where would that fail?  Is there a better way?

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