Question: Unwanted line in plot with spacecurve

Hi, I am trying to plot a parabola in spherical coordinates using the command spacecurve, using 



>spacecurve([cot(phi)/sin(phi), 1.61, phi], phi = -3.14 .. 3.14, numpoints = 3000, axes = normal, coords = spherical, color = red, linestyle = dash, axes = normal)


(I know it is easier in Cartesian coords, but I am doing this as a first version of a more complicated curve, given by the sol. of a system of differential equations). 

Maple plots the parabola correctly but it joins the initial and the final points of the plot with a straight line, yielding something that looks like a U with a bar on top (I cannot upload the image). Is there any way to get rid of the line?


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