Question: Numerical integration speed in Maple 18 vs. 2015

I have recently acquired Maple 2016 and wanted to see how its numerical integration compared to previous version (in this instance, 2015 and 18). This integration is a tougher problem than the usual "textbook" case using a well behaved function. The integrand presented in the worksheet below is a small example but it can get much larger.

I am calculating a triple integral numerically from a function read in from a file which contains Laguerre polynomials. Some simplifications are done first and then that is fed into the integration. In the example script below the input has been put into the program to make it simpler.

So far it appears Maple 18 is faster than 2015 (in this case anyway) and 2016 does not appear to like the syntax I am using even though it runs fine on 18 and 2015 (it does not like the simplify(expr1,LaguerreL) or sqrt parts).

Looking at the stats of the calculation runs:

Maple 18:

memory used=0.52MiB, alloc change=0 bytes, cpu time=20.33s, real time=20.49s, gc time=0ns

answer = 0.160262735437965

Maple 2015:

memory used=350.84KiB, alloc change=0 bytes, cpu time=28.77s, real time=29.24s, gc time=0ns

answer = 0.160262735437309

What is interesting is that Maple 18 is allocating more memory in order to solve the problem compared to 2015. Does anyone have any ideas why this is occuring? Also has there been a syntax change from 2015 -> 2016 which I have not been aware of. Is there a different way to write the script to run in 2016?

Here is the worksheet:

Thank you in advance

- Yeti

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