Question: Does TWS command of Maple solves system of ODEs ?

Dear all

I am trying to solve system of ODEs by TWS command for traveling wave solution, but an error is showing. When I enter sinlge ODE or PDE the command does not show any error. Why it is showing error for system of ODEs ?


with(PDEtools, TWSolutions, declare):


Sys := {125*xi^3*(diff(f(xi), xi, xi, xi))-90*f(xi)*xi*(diff(h(xi), xi))-180*h(xi)*xi*(diff(f(xi), xi))+750*xi^2*(diff(f(xi), xi, xi))-180*f(xi)*h(xi)+830*xi*(diff(f(xi), xi))+80*f(xi)-108*(diff(h(xi), xi)), 15*f(xi)*xi*(diff(f(xi), xi))+6*f(xi)^2+10*xi*(diff(g(xi), xi))+8*g(xi)+6*(diff(f(xi), xi)) = 0, 5*f(xi)*xi*(diff(g(xi), xi))+10*g(xi)*xi*(diff(f(xi), xi))+8*f(xi)*g(xi)+10*xi*(diff(h(xi), xi))+12*h(xi)+6*(diff(g(xi), xi)) = 0}


Error, (in pdsolve/sys/info) required an indication of the solving variables for the given system





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