Question: Trying to generalize parametrization for radius not centered at origin


In some cases when dealing with vectofields an such the are integral has to be expressed in terms of r(t).

the general form for r is r^2=(r*cos(t)-a)^2+(r*sin(t)-b)^2, When I solve this in maple it seems like I get the inverse of the desired result.

If I knew that was always the case I could just inverse my result to get the right expression for r, but im not sure if it only applies for this particular cas or all cases.

I would be happy if anyone took a quick look and suggested a way to obtain the desired solution for any center (a,b) for the circle.



Expression for radius, circle centred at (a,b)

RA := r^2 = (r*cos(t)-a)^2+(r*sin(t)-b)^2

r^2 = (r*cos(t)-a)^2+(r*sin(t)-b)^2


isolate(r^2 = (r*cos(t)-a)^2+(r*sin(t)-b)^2, r)

r = (1/2)*(a^2+b^2)/(cos(t)*a+b*sin(t))


eval(%, [a = -1, b = 0])

r = -(1/2)/cos(t)


plot3d([-2*x, x^2+y^2], y = -sqrt(-x^2-2*x) .. sqrt(-x^2-2*x), x = -2 .. 0, color = [green, red], orientation = [0, 0, 0])


(1/2)*Pi <= t and t <= 3*Pi*(1/2)

(1/2)*Pi <= t and t <= (3/2)*Pi


0 <= r and r <= -2*cos(t)

0 <= r and r <= -2*cos(t)


Area_off_center = int(r, [r = 0 .. -2*cos(t), t = (1/2)*Pi .. 3*Pi*(1/2)]); 1; Area_at_center = int(r, [r = 0 .. 1, t = 0 .. 2*Pi])

Area_off_center = Pi


Area_at_center = Pi






I would also happily like to know how I can solve for the range r can take, obviously in the example i´m working with here r starts at 0, but that is not always the case i guess.


Thank you, your help is much apperciated

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