Question: Jump for the standard user interface

Hello people in mapleprimes,

I am using maple 2016's standard UI.
And, I write save command in the ending place there.

And, while I write a code, whenever I think I had better put a name of an expression on a list in another .mpl file, to refer it later, I scroll down the cursor to the ending of the worksheet, and write the name of the expression, and again I bring the cursor back to the place where I wrote an expression whose name I wrote among the arguments of save.
  But, this is a little inconvenient. I have to find the original place where I had been before I moved to the end of the worksheet. But, on the other hand, using a bookmark seems complicated. Isn't there any better way to go to the place of the save command, which is the end of the worksheet, and to go back to the original place soon.

I hope you will give any hint to me. Thanks in advance.


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