Question: How do I get values out of the result of pdsolve for a system of partiel differential equations?

Hello all


I am new to Maple, and I am solving a system of two coupled partial differential equations using pdsolve, but I am having a hard time retrieving the solution evaluated at some point from the output. The output of pdsolve is a module, which appears to have different "methods" on it, including "plot3d" and "value". I can easily get a plot of my solution by using plot3d, but I don't know how to get a meaningful value out. For instance, if my solution is (f(x,y), g(x,y)), I would like to define H(x,y) = (f(x,y), g(x,y)), and be able to type H(10,10) into Maple to have my solution evaluated at that point. The result should be (1,1).

Here is a toy example:

firstEq := diff(f(x, y), x)+diff(f(x, y), y) = f(x, y)+g(x, y);
secondEq := diff(g(x, y), x)+diff(g(x, y), y) = 2*f(x, y)+g(x, y);
pdsystem := {firstEq, secondEq};

bv11 := f(10, y) = 1;
bv12 := f(x, 10) = 1;
bv21 := g(10, y) = 1;
bv22 := g(x, 10) = 1;
bvs := {bv11, bv12, bv21, bv22};
pdsolution := pdsolve(pdsystem, bvs, numeric, time = x, range = 0 .. 10);
pdsolution:-plot3d(x = 1 .. 10, y = 0 .. 10);
pdsolution:-value(10, 10);
Error, (in pdsolve/numeric/value) got additional unknown arguments {2}

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