Question: fsolve range problem

Hello everyone,

I have 5 equations (fa,fb,fc,fk,fv) and 5 variables (V0,A0,A1,A2,k1) and I want to solve them numerically. Problem is my inability to set properly intervals and starting values. 

Here is my command: fsolve({fa,fb,fc,fk,fv},{V0,A0,A1,A2,k1});

If I run it just like this, I get some values, lets say V0=0.00045 etc.But when I set range for V0 like this:


I get this:

Error, (in fsolve) fsolve cannot solve on V0 = 0.4e-3 .. 0.5e-3

I used interval 0.0004..0.0005 only to prove that there must be the wrong syntax, because obviously 0.0004<0.00045<0.0005. In reality i need interval 0.0001..0.0002 and it is also set some initial values (A0=0.0023) but first I need to solve my problem with syntax.

Any advice ?

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