Question: How to solve a non linear first degree partial equation


I have been trying to solve a simple nonlinear equation. Im interested in the solution per say rather than the plot but when I browsed about the commands to use, this came up. I tried it in my case and it is giving me the following errors:





[animate, animate3d, animatecurve, arrow, changecoords, complexplot, complexplot3d, conformal, conformal3d, contourplot, contourplot3d, coordplot, coordplot3d, densityplot, display, dualaxisplot, fieldplot, fieldplot3d, gradplot, gradplot3d, implicitplot, implicitplot3d, inequal, interactive, interactiveparams, intersectplot, listcontplot, listcontplot3d, listdensityplot, listplot, listplot3d, loglogplot, logplot, matrixplot, multiple, odeplot, pareto, plotcompare, pointplot, pointplot3d, polarplot, polygonplot, polygonplot3d, polyhedra_supported, polyhedraplot, rootlocus, semilogplot, setcolors, setoptions, setoptions3d, shadebetween, spacecurve, sparsematrixplot, surfdata, textplot, textplot3d, tubeplot]



C*(y(x)*((diff(y(x), x))^2+1))^(1/2)-y(x) = 0





bcs:=y(-1)=1, y(1)=1;

y(-1) = 1, y(1) = 1



{(y(x)*((diff(y(x), x))^2+1))^(1/2)-y(x) = 0, y(-1) = 1, y(1) = 1}


dsol:=dsolve(dsys, numeric); odeplot(dsol,[x,y(x)],0..1,color=red,axes=box);

Error, (in dsolve/numeric/bvp/convertsys) unable to convert to an explicit first-order system


Error, (in plots/odeplot) input is not a valid dsolve/numeric solution






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