Question: How tol solve a system of differential equations with EBCs

Hi guys,

I'm trying to solve this system I have but the solution doesn't display:

-I have two second degree differential equations with two functions.

-I have a set of two boundary conditions per function.


Thank you!



eq2:=2*diff(y(x), x$2)+diff(z(x), x$2)=0;

2*(diff(diff(y(x), x), x))+diff(diff(z(x), x), x) = 0


eq3:=2*diff(z(x), x$2)+diff(y(x), x$2)=0;

2*(diff(diff(z(x), x), x))+diff(diff(y(x), x), x) = 0


SOL:=dsolve({eq2, eq3, D(y)(0)=0, D(y)(1)=1, D(z)(0)=0, D(z)(1)=1}, {y(x), z(x)});

"SOL := "





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