Question: Using if/else statements to fill an empty matrix?

I am trying to use a do loop with if/else statements to create a 5x5 unit matrix. I made an empty array. Converted it to a matrix. Then made a do loop where I was trying to get the matrix elements where i=j to be 1 and all else to be 0. It didn't spit out a matrix.

Any advice? I assume I must have missed a small detail in syntax.




U := array(1 .. 5, 1 .. 5);

array( 1 .. 5, 1 .. 5, [ ] )



for i to 5 do for j to 5 do if i = j then U[i, j] := 1 else U[i, j] := 0 end if end do end do







By the way, I am open to completely different methods, also! I was just trying to use loops to do it rather than inbuilt commands.

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