Question: Unable to find where in my code "Thaw" is being called from


I'm having trouble seeing which command is calling the "thaw" for the code below and was wondering if someone is able to save me the trouble from working it out myself. i know its not when the "is" function is called from viewing the showstat for it, but the output prior to mapping that function pops out with no troubles, so im guessing its the generic mapping proc, but of course, in built function so i can only assume its the same way i would write it but im pretty sure i dont use thaw either so anyway the line in question:

map(is, seq(seq(map(eval, Matrix(3, omega[1]) = Matrix(3, omega[0]), [n = i, m = j]), i = 1 .. 10), j = 1 .. 10));
Error, (in thaw) too many levels of recursion


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