Question: Problem with element properties

I am trying to use the element properties Maple has in its ScientificConstants package. I am running into problems with the density of gaseous elements:


Units:-UsingSystem(); # returns SI as expected

GetValue(Element('Si',density)); # returns 2329.0000 [kg/m^3] which is 2.329 g/cm^3, which is correct

GetValue(Element('H',density(gas))); # returns 88 [kg/m^3], which is incorrect.

PDG gives the density of hydrogen as 8.376E-5 g/cm^3, which is 0.08376 kg/m^3.  

Even more crazy for Krypton:

GetValue(Element('Kr',density(gas))); # returns 3677.000 [kg/m^3]. Heavy little buggers, these Kypton atoms! Should be 3.486 in the same units.

What gives? Am I missing something here?

Mac Dude



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