Question: solving two bi-variate equations numerically



I am struggling to obtain solutions for two bi-variate euqations numerically. A command line that I am currently using (for a dummy problem) is as follows: 

soln := {solve({f(x,y)=0, g(x,y)=0}, {x,y})}; 

There are mainly two issues:

1. For some reasons, Maple 2017 takes ages to obtain solutions for certain parameter values. At times, it does not provide any solution which should not happen. I am assuming that this is to do with the "solve" command.

2. Also, I am not sure how to limit search procedure within feasible ranges for variables. In this case, how do I incorporate conditions 0 <= x, y <=1? If I can incorporate these constraints in the "solve" (or any better) command, then I can automatically get rid of complex solutions as they are not relevant for me. 

I would appreciate inputs in this regard. Thank you,




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