Question: Subgroup(LeftCoset) doesn't work

The documentation says that Subgroup(c) returns the subgroup of the coset c.

Also, the display of Elements(lc) is garbled in Maple as well, not just in the image.


sgr := Subgroup(Elements(SymmetricGroup(4)), SymmetricGroup(5))



lc := LeftCoset(Perm([[1, 2]]), sgr)




Error, invalid input: GroupTheory:-Subgroup expects its 1st argument, generators, to be of type {list, set, identical(undefined)}, but received _m917308956640



{_m917312836128, _m917312839712, _m917312840544, _m917312841376, _m917312842272, _m917312843296, _m917312844224, _m917312845152, _m917312846240, _m917312847072, _m917312848768, _m917312849696, _m917312850624, _m917312851552, _m917312852288, _m917312853248, _m917312854144, _m917312855072, _m917312856000, _m917312857472, _m917312858592, _m917312859552, _m917315257248, _m917315263744}



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