Question: order of terms in series (algeqtoseries)

I have a functional equation in 2 variables, and I want to write its solution(s) as (Puiseux) power series. When the order is relatively big, the output appears not in the increasing order of powers. For example, I execute 

map(allvalues, algeqtoseries(P, t, u, 60, true))

and get as one of the solutions

O(t^(65/3)) + 13*t^9*(1/3) + 2*t^5*(1/3) + 115*t^15 + 37*t^13 + 5*t^7*(1/3) + 37*t^11*(1/3) + (1/3)*t^3 + 11836*t^21*(1/3) + 1193*t^19 + 1100*t^17*(1/3) [...]

What should I do in order to get the series with terms appearing in the increasing order of powers of t?



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