Question: How to suppress outputlines while varying input in RotaryGauge0 ?

Please find my error in the doc which produces outputlines always. Is there any otherway (other than view -  show contents and uncheck output which hides all other outputs as well in a programm) by commands, which can suppress these output lines.

Also is there any other way of giving continuously varying inputs (and visible in RotaryGauge ) like sin wave form (0 to 8 to 0 in a period) ?

with(DocumentTools); for i to 12 do SetProperty("RotaryGauge0", value, 6); SetProperty("RotaryGauge1", value, .66*GetProperty("RotaryGauge0", value))*time*[]; 3^100; GetProperty("RotaryGauge0", value); SetProperty("RotaryGauge0", value, 4); SetProperty("RotaryGauge1", value, .7*GetProperty("RotaryGauge0", value))*time[real](); 3^100; SetProperty("RotaryGauge0", value, 2); SetProperty("RotaryGauge1", value, .5*GetProperty("RotaryGauge0", value))*time[real](); 3^100 end do







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