Question: Solve laplace eqn in maple

I am trying to solve laplaces eqn in maple, and i cannot see an error in my code, however when i run it it returns me nothing. No error, not solution. just nothing.


pde := (diff(u(x, y), x, x))+diff(u(x, y), y, y) = 0;

bc[1]:= D[2](u)(x,0) = 0;
bc[2]:= (u)(x,1) = x^2-x;
bc[3]:= (u)(0,y)=0;
bc[4]:= (u)(1,y)=0;

pdsolve({pde, bc[1], bc[2],bc[3],bc[4]}, HINT= X(x)*Y(y));


what is going wrong?

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