Question: Plotranges and colormap

Hello everyone!

I have several problems with listcontplot.

First of all, when I plot spectrogram of my test signal I get correct result. I use colorscheme = ["#00007F", "Blue", "#007FFF", "Aqua", "#7FFF7F", "Yellow", "coral", "Red"] as colormap. But I can't understand how to set option coloring in listcontplot correctly to obtain same result, because coloring works as Gradient from ColorTools.

Secondly, I use subs to change plot ranges. My apprach consist in several steps:

plot( listdensityplot(...) );
temp := plottools:-getdata(%, 'rangesonly');
subs(temp[1] = NewX0 .. NewX1, temp[2] = NewY0 .. NewY1, listdensityplot(...) );

Is it possible to simplify this solution?

P.S. My test programm with test data.


My Spectrograms:

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