Question: inbuilt auto executable code

Sometimes we have questions that apply to every execution we make, regardless of what the actual nature of the commands included in that execution are.


For this reason, I propose that in the same way that we have the feature of "start up" code, which automatically executes upon opening the specified worksheet, we also implement an option of automatically executed code for every execution that is carried out within the specified worksheet. 

for example, code that serves purposes of output such as 

" This execution took xxxx minutes and xx.x seconds to complete, and required an average of x % of your computer's total processor utilization capacity across all cores "

I know how i will be providing this feature in my worksheets, but i just feel that it would be a beneficial feature for those that use maple for purposes that do not involve a knowledge of how maple is programmed, and would not be able to do so.

Any discussion about this would be welcomed, which is why i am posting about it of course.

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