Question: Help with deciding on asthetics of analysis education tools

Ok for some reason Get-Property doesnt work here but it does in another worksheet but anyway that problem isnt really what im posting for help for, i want general advice on the asthetic lay out of education tools.


The example i am doing tonight is pretty standard, i want to have a window where the student can play around with the recurrence relation making little alterations as he or she is curious about,  then hit a button to produce the first N values of the sequence, but see the problem i always get is that i dont care how messy or easy to use anything is because i am the one that wrote the code, so the features of such an analysis tool are redundant in the fact that i know how to use maple to a reasonable extent, but i want to make education  tools that are focused purely on the mathematics, removing the programming and all of that nonsense from the students focus here, so, i need advice for this given this stated objective.


Also forgot to mention, i already know how to get all the embedded components working together, this part isnt the problem i am referring to. I mean to say how can i best present the interface of these tools given what i can make in maple.



restart; with(DocumentTools); with(numtheory); with(StringTools); with(DocumentTools)


s := proc (n) options operator, arrow; S[n-1]^2-2 end proc:

INIT0 := 4:


[14, 194, 37634, 1416317954]





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