Question: Maplet Input Dialog

Ok so i have entered the code as follows for my input dialog, but I do not want to vary the size of the window, rather the size of the text window inside the dialog window that the student is prompted to enter a paragraph that is related to an algebraic expression in the adjacent container. I cannot see this option available in the help page for the maplet, so i was just wondering if there is a more appropriate choice of maplet i can use that will enable me to do this. 

> with(Maplets[Elements]); OpenCommentaryDialog := Maplet(InputDialog['ID1']("Enter comments relevant to the expression assigned for this IIRF", 'onapprove' = Shutdown(['ID1']), 'oncancel' = Shutdown(), resizable = true, width = 1000, height = 1000));
> Maplets[Display](OpenCommentaryDialog);

I also want the text content the student enters to be able to be passed to a data structure that stores all comments made for all expressions in the worksheet, again I was unable to find how to do this on the help page

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