Question: Document Tools MathML Import Error

Ok the error message I originally recieved in requesting 'expression' rather than 'value' was telling me the input is ambigous, isn't exactly helpful.

With the uploaded worksheet as last attempted, it gives the error of something about an invalid sequence, but still and I honestly do not see how when MathML is an XML application, surely whatever is put into the math container is retrievable considering XML applications are based on just handling the rendering of symbols.


Anyway I can only post here seeings that following the link for error messages rarely opens an actual help page in the brower, it simply tells you there is no help page for that error.



MathML[ImportModified](DocumentTools[GetProperty]('IIRN_CONTENT15', 'value'))

Error, (in MathML:-ImportModified) Typesetting:-merror("invalid sequence")


MathML[ImportModified](DocumentTools[GetProperty]('IIRN15', 'value'));







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