Question: Are some bugs in maple meant to be funny?

For the most part, when I have come across bugs (or what appears to be bugs from my naive view, maybe it is left unevaluated for some means of diplomacy that I am not privy to) they are very difficult or impossible for me to find a way to get around.

But I have found alot recently that I was able to fix very quickly using functions that are already inbuilt in maple. Most have to do  with evaluating functions of trancendental arguements or composites of trancendental functions, but still, it leaves me feeling a little disturbed just how readily it was resolved.

I don't know exactly what to say, perhaps a 'dispatch' needed to be included in an inbuilt procedure to inform the 'engine' that a user has come across a bug of some kind at that address, so that maplesoft can keep the process of applying patches in house, avoiding having to enable the evolution/personal development the inept user that clearly stumbled upon the bug by sheer coincidence whist entering formula and observing output in a relatively sub human cognitive state?

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