Question: LSSolve: Can we make one of the variables not to be optimized on a specific value but over a range?

Hello there!
I was wondering if there is a way we can skip one or more variables from LSSolve to be optimized on a specific value?

For exmaple, please see the following file


restart; with(Optimization)

[ImportMPS, Interactive, LPSolve, LSSolve, Maximize, Minimize, NLPSolve, QPSolve]


LSSolve([x-1, y-1, z-1], {-10 <= x, x <= 0, 6*x+3*y <= 1}, initialpoint = {x = -1, y = 1})

[.711111111111111138, [x = HFloat(-0.06666666666666665), y = HFloat(0.46666666666666656), z = HFloat(1.0)]]







Can I skip the value of x and just find a global minimum of the objective functions over the given range of x, not just the specific value?  Its because I need to keep x as a variable.


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