Question: Spherical Slices

A sphere, radius one unit with centre at the origin of the x, y and z axes is cut along the planes x=0, y=0 and z=0 yielding 8 total pieces, none of which are cubes.

For a sphere radius 2, cut along the planes x=2,y=2,z=2, x=-2,y=-2,z=-2, you get  64 pieces of which 8 are cubes.

Derive an expression for the number of  pieces you will get with a sphere radius integer R, cut along the planes x,y,z=1, x,y,z=-1, x,y,z=2,…     x,y,z=R-1, x,y,z=1-R  

How many of those pieces will be cubes?

The question arose from slicing onions!

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