Question: How to solve numerically a PDE system with IBCs that depend on unknown functions?

I have a PDE system, which has IBCs that involve the unknown functions of the system. This system describes the mechanical evolution of a material volume, where material boundaries vary (it is an open physical system with mass addition). This problem has an analytical solution, but I am looking for a numerical solution. I do not know how to solve this (actually, I do not know if that's possible). I made a few attempts and I did not succeed.

On the last attempt, pdsolve returned the following error message: "Error, (in pdsolve/numeric/process_PDEs) PDEs can only contain dependent variables with direct dependence on the independent variables of the problem, got {u(H(t), t)}".  (I re-uploaded the file because there was an error)

Well, I'd like some help on that. Thank you.

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