Question: Please help.. plot of the function is not matching with exact values

Hello dear users!

I have a problem, that I can not explain, and solve by myself. I have a function. It is an integral function, looks like this:

If I looking for a value such as LL(4) or LL(5) I got different value what i except from the plot of the function:

while, for example: evalf( LL(3))=1.6829


Can somebody explain to me, what is going on?


Also, if i want to solve the functiuon backwards with fsolve (so im looking for the phi values with the added LL(phi) value, sometimes I got results and sometimes not. (and not where the distruption is, because I know there the values go from -infinity to infinity). Can somebody help me in this too?

Thank you very much!



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