Question: maple show "system is consistent"

I am trying to solve a set of differential equations in maple. The maple code:

       de1 := -- u1(x, t) = -h u1(x, t) + i exp(-i t) u2(x, t)

> de2:=diff(u1(x,t),t)=(-h-i/2)*u1(x,t)-h*exp(-i*t)*u2(x,t);

  de2 := -- u1(x, t) = (-h - 1/2 i) u1(x, t) - h exp(-i t) u2(x, t)

> dsolve({de1,de2},{u1(x,t),u1(x,t)});

However, when I execute it, maple show "Warning: system is consistent". How to remove it

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