Question: How to retrive solution-data from a system of ODE's (obtained numerically) in the most convenient way?

Dear Maple users

I am trying to test how well data from a real throw with a ball comply with the usual model, in which the air resistance is proportional to the square of the velocity. I succeeded in solving the ODE system numericallly using the rkf45 method and plottet the solutioncurve (see attached file). I am however unsure how I can retrieve the data from the model in the most convenient way in order to compare them to the data from the real throw. The latter I have as (t, x(t), y(t)) data in three columns in an Excel file. Of course I can import the x og y columns into Maple and create a plot containing both the (x,y) data from Excel and the (x,y) data from the model. The problem is however that even if the (x,y) curves are rather close, if may not be a good model. I need to take into account the time variabel as well! The data from the Excel file contains data for every 1/30 second. What I like is to be able to compute the Root Mean Square of all (xexperiment(t)-xmodel(t), yexperiment(t)-ymodel(t)) data - or would the Root Mean Square of the (Euclid) distances between the points be better?

Now back to my question on how to retrieve data from the ODE system in the most convenient way. I have read the help page for the dsolve command. There is however several options, that I am unsure about, for example the output option (listprocedure, etc). I hope someone can help. 

NB! Excel data are imported column by column into Maple as n x 1 matrices.



Erik V.

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