Question: Maple giving different answers. Same equation but different methods of solving.


I am trying to solve the equation below. First method was subbing in all the parameters into the equation and the second method is plugging all the parameters straight into the equation. As you can see below, they give different results. Can someone please help me? I've been scratching my head for the past hr trying to figure out what am I doing wrong.

Method 1:

Y1 := P*b*x*(-b^2+l^2-x^2)/(6*l*E*I)     

maxdeflection := subs(P = 60000, b = 2050, E = 16000, I = 3062827708, l = 6600, x = (50/3)*sqrt(47229), Y1)



Method 2:

Y2 := (50/3)*(60000*2050)*sqrt(47229)*(6600^2-((50/3)*sqrt(47229))^2-2050^2)/(16000*(6*6600)*3062827708)



Thank you!

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