Question: Command for animation to play on its own using play/pass button

Dear friends, I have made a doc using embedded components to plot a curve. What commands should I do to animate (and pause and play using a custom play/pause button inserted in the table) the plot. Normally I have to use explore animate command, but it requires the user to use animation tools. There must be a way to do the same using play = true; loop = true commands. I donot know its use. Can any one help. Thanks. 


use DocumentTools in

Do(q = %MathContainer0);
Do(p = eval(q));
# Do(%Plot0 = plot(p, x = 0..2*Pi));
Do(%Plot0 = plot(p, x = 0..10));
end use;



 Write the expression in textarea and click the button to see the plot in plot area and expression in math container






Thanks for helping out. Ramakrishnan V


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