Question: How can I zoom into Julia Sets with Maple?

I've been trying to make Julia sets using maple for a project im working on, but the maple help function tells me to embed the image, which does not give me the Plot options or the option to zoom in for a more detailed view.  I have tried using several different image tools, and the only one that seems to output it as a plot is Preview, but then when i zoom in it is in terrible detail and is very pixelated.  I think i just need to use a different output than Embed, but i can't find one that will work, can anyone help please?

Here is the code i've been using:

> with(Fractals:-EscapeTime);

> with(ImageTools);

> bl, ur, c := -2.0-1.5*I, 2.0+1.5*I, -.92+.25*I;

> M := Julia(500, bl, ur, c);

> Embed(M);


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