Question: How to simplify this expression?

I don't know how to simplify the expression A/B in the worksheet below.  I know that it should simplify to exp(I*Pi/3).  How do I lead Maple to discover that result without telling it the solution ahead of the time?  All variables other than A and B are real.


local gamma:

A := I*sqrt(3) + 2*c*exp(I*(gamma+(1/3)*Pi)) + 2*a*exp(I*alpha) - 2*a*exp(I*(alpha+(1/3)*Pi)) - 2*b*exp(I*beta) - 1;


B := I*sqrt(3) - 2*a*exp(I*(alpha+(1/3)*Pi)) - 2*b*exp(I*beta) + 2*b*exp(I*(beta+(1/3)*Pi)) + 2*c*exp(I*gamma) + 1;


How to show that A/B = e^((1/3)*i*Pi)?



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