Question: Matrix from -x to x as opposed to 1-x???

Hi guys,

I'm very new to Maple and I'm trying to get  a 'diagonalisable' matrix set up.

It will help for me to attach what I currntly have for this to make sense:

What I currently have is a way of setting up a 5x5 matrix where it inserts a value at every instance where i=j, i=j+3 and i=j+6.

Currently I can only make this work for value from 1 to x and, for this to work, I basically need to make up a matrix that goes from -x to x

i.e currently I have x = 1 though 5 (5x5) and I need to set it up for x= -5 through 5 (11x11)

Every time I try and get the negative elements and 0 in there it tells me that I can't do it.

Is there any way to do this is Maple and am I going the wrong way about it?


Thanks very much for your time!

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